Okains Bay - View from the Smmit Road
Camill's Twins

  • Okains Bay is a one and a half hour drive from Christchurch Airport. From State Highway 75 turn off on the Summit Road at Hilltop past Little River. You will follow the sign: Eastern Bays, Tourist Drive. Stay on the Summit Road till the turnoff to Okains Bay. According to the Lonely Planet the Summit Road is: "the absurdly beautiful drive around the edge of the original crater". The views are spectacular.

  • At night, low cloud or if you miss the Summit Road the next turnoff to Okains Bay from State Highway 75 is past Duvauchelle.

  • Coming from Akaroa the turnoff to Okains Bay is on State Highway 75 past Robinsons Bay.

  • We are on 32 Chorlton Road, the first road to the left past the museum and the shop.

  • Advice: If you use Google Maps or another GPS, type in the full correct address: 32 Chorlton Road, Okains Bay. Do not choose: shortest route.

  • View the Summit Road route on Google Maps.

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Google Maps route from Christchurch airport
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